Friday, October 24, 2014

Let's do some online shopping / October edition

Hey guys,
today I prepared for you a few pieces that I saw on Esprit for the winter season.I really enjoy writing this type of posts where I can show you what I would buy or what I like so you can get the motivation for your own personal style.What I like the most about the winter are coats,I almost never wear a jacket cause it gets really windy and cold in Vienna and coats are longer,more chic and classy in my opinion.I picked up this one for your everyday look - college :

for the night I go more with tailored one for example :

Also I found one very cute jacket in my favorite color :

Pullover and sweaters are MUST HAVE in Vienna,I picked up few for you guys :

More elegant version but also thiner would be typical V neck,also in more colors available :

As I already mentioned a nice jeans are MUST HAVE in every guy's closet :

Nice chinos are always welcome in my closet and I have them in every single color :

For me also a MUST HAVE is button up shirt in blue color :

Now add few accessories such as watch or maybe a scarf :


 Now you are ready for the winter !

Once again all pictures are from Esprit website and their new collection.

xo Darko

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shadows everywhere

Hey guys,
today is such a sunny day here in Vienna,perfect for a shootings or brunch with a friends.So I decided before I go to the gym to write a outfit of the day post.I have so many new outfits to shoot and I'm really looking forward to it.Also I love instagram,it's always such an inspiration to see what all of you are wearing on a daily basis.Today I'm wearing my typical "to go" outfit - chinos with a silk button up shirt,my fav Gucci loafers,Tom Ford Magnus unglasses and a Michael Kors watch plus I wanted to add a sweater cause I love colors and if it gets cold,it's always good to have a one with you if not you can use it as a accessory.And I have to mention that I love how this pictures turned out cause I was standing in the shadows cause the sun was too bright and it was very very windy,it's actually always windy at the danube river haha.Have a good day everyone.

xo Darko

Monday, October 13, 2014

Last rays of the sun

Hey guys,
hope everyone is doing fine.I just finished the second season of the American Horror Story called Asylum and I was really impressed/obsessed,it's such a dark twisted story and first I thought I couldn't watch it but then I was totally into it haha.If you are old enough I would recomend you to watch it,it's so not me to watch something like that but yeah haha new side of me I would say.Well let's go back to a fashion topic.Today I want to show you part two of my ripped jeans outfits.This time it's such a cliche jeans with white button up shirt right ?! Well I also think like that but adding the loafers that I absolutely love,Tom Ford sunglasses and a scarf it gives it the Darko twist.Plus I'm really loving this jeans and thinking about to go and buy pretty similar one only in a darker color,I love dark jeans they are timeless.Also I really enjoy taking pictures on the danube river cause they look so fresh and it has also become my symbol.

xo Darko

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hey Mister Darko - how to wear ripped jeans ?!

Hey guys,
I'm so glad to finally write a fashion post about my new outfit.I was really busy with my college and then the weather was horrible - was raining every day and I really wanted to organize a photo shoot at Danube river cause it's so me! So today I went with my mom to Danube river and she was really speechless cause it's so breathtaking.As you probably all know I always wear chino pants but for some reason I totally fell for this ripped jeans and since then I'm wearing them very very often.I think you can combinate them very well with almost everything.All my button up shirts are perfect match with them and I also saw another ripped jeans but they are a little bit darker,guess gonna get them as well.Today I was wearing my dark blue button up and it's my favorite shade of blue.I must admit that I was really happy to finally shoot some new outfit of the days cause it's so much fun and I really enjoy to put some outfits together,expect much more updates on my blog.

Here is one "details" picture cause I forgot to take a pictures of the shoes and watch which I usually do but this time it was one hour till sunset and I had to take a few pictures for every outfit.The picture is from Saturday night that's why you can see Rose bottle in my hand.

xo Darko

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Let's do some online shopping ..

Hey guys,
some of you may know that I'm studying pharmacy and since two weeks I have been trapped in laboratory for like 8 hours straight every day and when I come home I need to learn for the next day about my experiments.So I have been doing some online "shopping" you know how you say to yourself "well when I finish this laboratory I'm gonna buy me everything" haha so yes I was saying exactly those words to myself.So I found some cute pieces that I wanted to share with you guys and they are all from Ottoversand , that's very popular website here in Austria for online shopping cause they have so many fashion brands.I think that the details are most important thing for an outfit.For example these watches, I think they are timeless :

Also I like this Hoddie/Sweater :

Also what I saw is that "Ombre" effect is very IN this season,I personally don't mind and I'm not sure if I still like it or not :

But what I like are V neck sweaters and I have them in every single color cause I think they are timeless:

Maybe some bracelets:

Plus cool shades :

And you are ready to go !

As I already mentioned all products are from Ottoversand.

I'm really enjoying this type of fashion posts where I can pick out some products for you guys and it's easier for me at the moment cause I'm really busy and don't have time do go out and take some new pictures.In a two or three weeks I'm starting with fashion shoots so be ready for new outfits!

xo Darko

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to Designer Outlet Parndorf

Hey guys,
today I want to share with you my trip to Parndorf,it's a designer outlet not so far away from Vienna - 40min with the car.It's like a small city with so many small houses where you can find almost all fashion brands which makes shopping really easy.The good thing is that next to new collections you also have collection from last seasons and if you are lucky you can find something in your size.I tried to take as many as pictures I could.The weather is getting better for outdoor shoots and I got some new clothes that I would love to show you,so expect new Outfit Of the Day posts.Now let's go back to my today's topic Parndorf.The cool thing is that you also have a map so it's easier for you to find the shop that you are looking for and also you have some restaurans and coffee shops.It was my first time there and I was excited and didn't know where to go nor what to buy haha.So I decided to visit Gucci shop,it's still one of my favorite fashion brands and they have amazing loafers that I can't get enough off.Got myself yellow horsebit loafers and gucci scarf that I really wanted for so long.So enjoy the pictures from my trip and expect new outfits post very soon.Also I want to have more topics on my blog besides Outfit of the day thing,so if something interesting happens in my life I will try to blog it or if I find some cool website for online shopping,will do again "How to style ...".Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram: DarkoLukac.

xo Darko