Monday, March 30, 2015

Secret mission

Hey guys,
today is such a strange day here in Vienna,one moment it's raining and the other it's so sunny.Don't even know what to wear anymore.It's ultimate fight outside between winter and spring so I decided to edit new pictures for my outfit of the day post.Today is all about dandy 007 going to a secret mission that's why I wanted the pictures to be very dynamic.I'm wearing probably my favorite chinos that I got in Zara - the problem is that you can't see so good the print on the pictures and from far away they look like they don't even have a print on it but in real life they look amazing.Also I get a lot compliments on my loafers with small holes on them and not only they look good also when you wear them your feet can actually "breathe" which I think is really cool.My new trenchcoat - also got one in a navy blue color but prefer beige one for spring.My newest sunglasses - they are white/silver.Also how cool is to have a cruise ship on the pictures - I had to be quick with taking pictures otherwise I wouldn't get it on both pictures.Now I have to write a few emails and then go to the gym.

xo Darko

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dandy 007

Hey guys,
It's sunday morning and at the moment I'm eating and decided to write a new outfit post before I hit the gym.This week was really amazing and the weather couldn't be better so I took the chance and had three days in a row photo shootings.So many new looks are gonna be online soon.Also I thought to do one last photo shoot today but the weather is kinda strange at the moment.It's very cloudy and not so warm like it used to be but let's wait and see it's only 9:15am.Now let's talk about the look.I decided to go "Dandy goes 007 James Bond" look.I aboslutely love these Massimo Dutti Monk shoes and I get a lot compliments on them.They were my "To Go" shoes when outside was cold.The color is navy blue so it's very simple for me to combinate them with my other clothing pieces.I have a belt in the same color from Tommy Hilfiger's new collection also this shirt on me is from their's new collection.Also I'm wearing Tom Ford Magnus sunglasses.Everything else is Zara beside my watch - MK.Also a lot people ask me about my bow tie cause it's so slim and yes you can get these slim bow ties,I think that they look better on me cause I'm slim and tall.Me and my friends often joke "Model Bow Tie" haha sounds funny.Plus this season grey/blue combo is totally IN and for some reason I got so many new blue and grey clothing pieces haha.Stay tuned everyone.

xo Darko

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Summer feeling with Esprit

Hey guys,
today I will show you few pieces from Esprit spring/summer 2015 collection that I like.I saw that you like this type of articles on my blog so here is a new one.For this summer two colors that are very popular are blue and khaki.Blue is my favorite color so you will see a lot blue pieces that I have chosen today for you guys.I also love to mix blue color with white and beige/brown,sometimes even red.But lately I'm wearing more blue,beige,grey cause it's still not so warm to wear white color.So here are the few pieces that I have chosen from Esprit website.

First I have chosen few polo shirts for you,I prefer wearing classic shirts but when it's too hot my other option are polo shirts.They are very classy/sporty so you can wear tham with blazer,trenchcoat or even with parka.Depends on your personal style.

Last time I have already chosen few classic shirts for you so this time I will post only few ones - otherwise my article gonna be way too long.Again I have chosen my colors and those colors are also very easy to combinate with all of the clothing pieces that are in this article.I used to wear only shirts with stripes but now I love them all,from in all one color to different prints ; polka dots or even some geometric prints.

To make your look even more "sophisticated" just buy some blazers - I'm very into blazers lately.

Now we need some pants,once again I went for chinos (cotton pants) they are very easy to wear,you don't sweat so much and they look for me very preppy/clean/sophisticated.I always say you can never have enough chinos and shoes.

Now if it gets colder outside I would wear a nice trenchcoat,I have chosen in two colors that I also have - navy blue and beige one.

If you are more "sporty" type of guy just wear some trendy parka.

Or even this college inspired jacket that I also like.

And here one pair of dapper shoes that I like and you are ready for the summer.

xo Darko

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunny days are here to stay

Hi guys,
finally no more rain in Vienna and the sun is here to stay.It's still cold outside but I'm used to photo shoots when it's even minus outside.I pretend that it's summer to take a good picture.But the reality is that it's so windy and cold next to the danube river.I think that I'm one of the first bloggers who is shooting next to the river,never saw outfit pictures like mine,that's why I'm always shooting at one place cause it gives all my pictures the same edg,also blue is my favorite color so I love having a lot of blue color in my background.Also my mom is coming to visit me to Vienna and I'm beyond excited and really looking forward to shoot some new outfits.I always feel guilty when I don't have new outfits to share on my blog.Also follow me on Instagram at DarkoLukac,it's my favorite app so far.

xo Darko

Friday, February 27, 2015

Gucci Spring Summer 2015 men collection

Hey guys,
so this is the last Gucci menswear collection created by Frida.I really like all her collections that she did for Gucci.So I wanted to post the new looks for this spring/summer 2015 season.Obviously my colors,if you follow me on Instagram than you will know that I love blue,red,white with beige and brown combo for the summer.But also this season I'm going for that yellow blue combo,well I just love colors! I'm always down for a nice dapper preppy/dandy look,I think it's timeless and you just look polished and sharp. Here are the looks that I really like and hope you will enjoy them :

xo Darko