Friday, April 18, 2014

Dandy Darko

Hey guys,
I just found these pictures that I took back in january 2014 and I totally forgot to post them on my blog.When I see this outfit I immediately think about Pearl Harbor movie - which I really love ! I just love to experiment with the clothes as long as it's classy and dapper I'm all in for it.On the picture I'm wearing :

Button Up Shirt - Zara
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Gilet - Vintage (from my dad)
Watch - Gucci
Cap - h&m

xo Darko

Monday, April 14, 2014

Call me maybe ...

Hey guys,
today is time for a new outfit of the day.I know that I'm lately not posting regularly but it's cause I'm really busy and I was not able to shoot some new outfits cause it's raining the whole week.I just wanna summer in Vienna or maybe not cause my exams are coming so it's maybe better to stay at home and learn haha.In this post I have some sponsored products like this watch that I really love, Otto has send it to me
.Also I'm wearing Tommy Hilfiger button up shirt,Zara chinos,Zara loafers,McNeal Sweater,Rayban sunglasses and Jacques Lemans watch.I just love mixing preppy with dapper and get my own style from it.Also add me guys in Instagram (it's my fav app on my iPhone) my nickname is DarkoLukac,or just click on the right sidebar here on my blog on instagram button.

xo Darko

Sunday, April 6, 2014

White - Green - Gray

Hey guys,
finally I got some free time to write a new fashion post.It's about my outfit of the day and it's really simple combination for the spring/summer.It's really sunny in Vienna so you don't need to put so many layers on you.I'm also considering an Idea about "Selfie" posts means that I post every month my favorite Selfie pics - maybe five or something like that - well we will see - it's still a maybe option.Back to the outfit - today I'm wearing :

White Button Up - Zara
Green Chinos - Marc O'polo
Shoes - Zara
Watch  - Gucci
Sunglasses - Rayban
Scarf - Zara

Monday, March 31, 2014

How to wear floral print - Summer Trend 2014

Hey guys,
happy monday everyone haha.I know that people usually don't like mondays and for me monday is one of my favorite days in a week.I love having so many things to do,keeping it busy and working on new projects.Today once again I will show you how to wear floral print.And even if the spring just started I was wearing floral print in the winter so I got kinda over it,but just kinda ! Today I'm wearing :

Red Chinos - Zara
Floral Button Up - Selected
Loafers - Zara
Watch - Jacques Lemans
Sunglasses - Gucci

xo Darko

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Preppy | Jump | Style

Hey guys,
today is time for a new outfit post.Guess what it's in my fav color combination blue/white with a lil bit of brown.The weather is getting better and better so it's easier for me to shoot some new outfits and dress up without any jackets or coats.This is for sure my favorite time of the year where you can wear whatever you want without sweating or feeling cold.I also like summer but it's hard to do outfit posts cause usually we all wear only tight shorts and tanktops haha.

Today I'm wearing:

Tommy Hilfiger - Button Up Shirt
Zara - Chinos
Zara - Moccasins
Rayban - Sunglasses
Triwa - Watch

One more time,go check out
for some online shopping and they have also sponsored me with some clothing pieces that I wanted so I'm sure that you gonna find something for you as well.

xo Darko

Monday, March 24, 2014

Collaboration with Franksland

Hey guys,
today I'm gonna share with you my collaboration with one indonesian fashion brand from Bali -Franksland.They have sponsored me with their new clothing line and I couldn't say NO cause the clothes are really good quality- cotton - and it's really amazing for the summer cause you skin can actually breathe in it.If you ask me how I would describe their fashion brand,I would say casual,easy going,bold,surfer inspired clothes.And who can describe better a fashion brand than a designer himself.Here is what Frank has to say about Franksland :

About Us

F R A N K S L A N D - One Size Clothing for Men and Woman, Unisex EyeWear, Clutch, Beach Bags, etc. Everything About Beach.

Company Overview

F R A N K S L A N D, is an unisex alternative fashion brand aimed to cater the trendy fashionista on a budget. Reflecting on the challenges of today’s fashion conscious consumer, we set about creating a clothing line that provides a stylish silhouette with all the eye-catching simplicity, quality and recent forward trend fabrications at affordable prices. Each designed piece by the creative team brings their signature flair and sense of confidence to all young men and women who believe identity is a key.

One Size Clothing with limited pieces created uniquely by the brand, extends a new concept within the fashion industry. Vibrant Mutant, Pale, Pastel, Traditional Mix, Pure colors for Clothing, presence of Energetic prints, Ethnic traditional and shimmery sequins lend themselves to created a beachwear feel, the atmosphere oasis appealed to fashion lovers.

F R A N K S L A N D - Where you will find Design, Limited Edition, Stylish Simplicity, Quality at the same time. MY LAND MY RULES.

xo Darko

Thursday, March 20, 2014

White Red White

Hey guys,
here is another outfit of the day post.This time it's not so colorful,it's more simple but bold.I love this carrot red chinos with white button up on tanned skin it just looks amazing ! Then I decided to wear my white boat shoes to give it more nautical preppy look.What I also really like about this outfit is this colorful brown,blue,red,white combo belt - it really gives an edge to the whole outfit.Now you need a simple leather Triwa watch and Carrera shades (got sponsored from Otto like I already said in previous post) and you are ready to rock the down or even sea!

xo Darko

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring/Summer trend : Floral print by Darko Lukac

Hey guys,
today I'm gonna share with you my fav trend this season and it is a floral print! In the past I was all about stripes but since winter I got really into floral print,it makes me feel like it's spring/summer already and I just love that it is always so colorful so it's easy to combinate it with other clothes that you have.I'm sure that all of you who follow me can tell that I'm really into colors.

As I already said in my previous post I got sponsored a few clothing pieces, from Otto ,that I wanted.

For example this mint green chinos are from Marc O'Polo you can buy them here.

Also my Triwa watch you can buy here.

xo Darko

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring calling ...

Hey guys,
let me first tell you how amazing the weather here in Vienna is so I had to take new pictures of my outfits.For some reason I did all pictures at Danube River cause I just like how they all turned out,so you will see much more pictures at this location.As you already know, I'm a huge fan of white/blue combo and I think that it's a perfect color combination for spring/summer and on tanned skinned it looks even better.I love to pay attention to details so this time I took my new Carrera sunglasses and Triwa watch that perfectly fits with my tiny belt and of course boat shoes without socks! Now you just need basic stuff like Tommy Hilfiger button up shirt and Zara chinos and you are ready to go.Really easy but yet chic look.

One more important thing is that I did collaboration with
they have sponsored me with clothes that I wanted and they have so many fashion brands - no matter for girls or boys.Make sure to check them out cause they usually have big discounts so you can buy your favorite brands for really low price.I got this Carrera sunglasses from them and this Triwa watch that I really love - looks even better in a real life !

Instagram: DarkoLukac

xo Darko

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Viennese parliament - OOTD - Darko Lukac

Hey guys,
here is a new outfit post for you.This time I went with my friend to Starbucks at Opera and then I decided to do a Outfit Of the Day thing and we went to Viennese Parliament - one of my favorite buildings in Vienna - although there are so many buildings that are stunning in this city such as Rathaus,Hofburg,Schönbrunn Castle,Belvedere Castle,Stephansdom,Opera and many more.I would love to shoot all my outfits in the city but the thing is that it's hard to carry all your outfits and to dress and undress on the street haha.But gonna try to do more often this type of posts in the city cause I would love to show you where I live.There is not so much to say about this outfit, it's simple,classy,dapper - button up shirt,chinos,sunglasses,nice watch and loafers plus my MingaBerlin socks that I got from Berlin - I'm into into accessories or crazy designs - love it conservative yet classy.

xo Darko